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5-SURE: Ridership Policies

Our Policies

Ride Priorities

Our main focus is providing service to groups of three or smaller due them being more vulnerable to possible risks. Groups of four or greater are statistically proven to deter possible criminals from serious crimes such as theft, assault, and rape. Because of this, if you request a ride for a group (see ‘Group Rides’ below), our priority will be those on our list that face a greater risk (e.g. a ride for one person receives a priority over a ride for 3 people).

Group Rides

Because we at 5-SURE value your safety and ours, we are limiting the number of people we transport for a given ride request in our vehicles to three people. Cramming more people than that into our vehicles poses an unnecessary risk to you, your friends, and our drivers, not to mention it is against the law. If you have groups of greater than three, you must request an additional ride for the remainder of your group. When doing so the ride must be requested with the name and number of a member of the second group and so forth. Remember, group rides have significantly lower priority.

Waiting Periods

When we have a lot of ride requests in a short period of time, we ask that when you call in for a ride you be ready to get out to our vehicle in the next couple minutes. Based upon the time estimate our receptionist gives you please be ready to go sooner rather than later. When you receive a call saying that your ride is waiting for you, you have three minutes to get out there. After this time, we will proceed on to the next scheduled ride and come back for you after that. If there is something preventing you from making it out to our vehicle in that time period, please let us know by calling our number and alerting our receptionist to the problem. Please also note that 5-SURE is limited by manpower constraints. It takes time to travel, especially across campus. Please be outside waiting to help us decrease waiting times for all riders.

Right to Deny Service

The 5-SURE staff has the right to refuse service to anyone if we feel that our services are being abused or if our safety is put in jeopardy.