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Cardinal Nights Financial Aid
Q. How does Financial Aid work?
At the beginning of each week, you’ll receive an email newsletter with all that week’s event information and will include the link to request Financial Aid. Follow that link and submit your request (1 request per event, per week).
Depending on demand, we may hold a raffle for financial aid tickets. Otherwise, it is first-come, first-serve. Any submissions to the form made before the email is sent will be deleted.
If you receive a financial aid ticket, you will receive an email directly from Eventbrite (please check your spam folder, as sometimes these automatic emails are filtered out of your inbox).
Q. Can I apply for financial aid for myself and a friend?
Financial aid is limited to one ticket per student, due to demand.


Ticket Purchasing, Orders, and Refunds
Q. I went on Eventbrite at exactly 9 pm and STILL didn’t get a ticket. Is the website broken?
Sadly, no! There’s overwhelming demand for many of our events, which means that events can and do sell out before the clock hits 9:02.
Q. Is there any way to get a ticket if the event is sold out?
For certain events, we will have a waitlist through Eventbrite that you can join. Eventbrite manages this service, and will automatically send the first person on the waitlist a ticketing link if someone returns their ticket.
Q. I can’t attend anymore. What should i do?
Email and we will get you a refund!
Q. I bought a ticket and didn’t end up going. Can I get a refund?
Eventbrite policy only allows us to process refunds 7 days from the event, so email us as soon as possible and we will get you a refund.
Q. Can I give my ticket to a friend if I can’t make it?
Yes! Ticket transfers are totally fine *as long as you are not charging more than face value*.
Q. Can I sell my ticket?
No. The reselling of Cardinal Nights tickets is strictly forbidden. Scalping is both illegal and against Eventbrite’s Terms of Service, which means that if tickets are resold we are at risk of losing use of the platform. Reselling tickets also makes the waitlist obsolete, and affects the other students who were hoping to get a ticket. Please do not resell your tickets! We will always offer you a refund.


Dorm/Org Tickets
Q. I’m an RA/the social chair of my org and I want to bulk order tickets. How?
If you’re on staff, you will receive an email at the beginning of each quarter with our events and ticket prices. Let us know ASAP if you want bulk tickets, and we will create a private Eventbrite page for you to access your tickets.
We can only offer group ticketing for certain events, and only in advance. We recommend reaching out towards the start of the quarter and reserving tickets for all the events you’re interested in at once.


Ticket Pickup + Transportation
Q. I’m taking my own transportation to a Cardinal Nights event. How do I get my ticket ahead of time?
Generally, you can pick up your tickets between 11 am and 3 pm at Rogers House on the day before and the day of the event. If these hours change, we will include them in the email blast.
Q. I didn’t make it to Rogers House during those hours. Can I still get my ticket?
Yes! Just go to bus loading outside the Faculty Club and find a staff member to get your ticket.
Q. I didn’t get my ticket at bus loading. Can I still get my ticket?
At the end of bus loading, all unclaimed tickets are distributed to the waitlist. If you don’t pick up your ticket by the time bus loading ends, it will be gone and you can email us for a refund.
Q. Does my Eventbrite ticket work as a ticket?
No. You need the physical ticket for whatever event you are attending. The Giants staff doesn’t know what Cardinal Nights is and won’t accept your Eventbrite ticket as a Giants ticket.
Q. Can I eat or drink on the bus?
Yep! Please clean up after yourself. No open drinks that could spill or alcohol, please.
Q. Is seating assigned on the bus?

Cardinal Nights VIC Program
Q. What is the Cardinal Nights VIC program?
The VIC (Very Important Cardinal) Program is a loyalty program that helps support our student community and rewards them for attending various Cardinal Nights programs and events throughout the academic year. Loyalty points accumulate throughout the academic year and reset every fall.
Q. How do I get involved in the VIC program?
Becoming a VIC is a very easy process. Claim your loyalty points one of two ways!
1. Attend a ticketed event by purchasing or claiming a financial aid ticket for an event, once you have attended it will be recorded in our leger.
2. Attend a non-ticketed event and find a Cardinal Nights staff member and sign in using our Google Form.
Q. What are the rewards of the VIC program?
- To become a Silver VIC: Attend at least 3 events in an academic year and receive bonuses to events, which include: popcorn and soda passes for movies, closer seating at events, free swag and more!
- To become a Gold VIC: Attend at least 5 events in an academic year and receive the following bonuses: Early access to high-demand tickets, free tickets to events, special VIC only trips and more!
Q. How do I know how many events I’ve attended and where I am at in the program?
You will receive an email from Cardinal Nights letting you know when you have reached 3 and 5 events respectively. If you wish to know your exact number of events attended, please contact Trista Shideler at



Q. How do I work for Cardinal Nights?
We generally hire once a year, and will let you know via our email blasts!
Q. I have an idea for a program or event, how can I tell you?
Awesome! Just shoot us an email at